Private commissions are one of my greatest joys in doing this work. To have the opportunity to connect with other souls on such an intimate level is a great honor for me.

I work in a variety of ways with clients to create the perfect painting for each individual.

My commission work can be divided into three different areas. Landscape painting, Soul Portraits and Memorial Paintings


Here I have the opportunity to capture the essence of a specific location that has meaning for you. If it is here in Hawaii I often like to go to the place you want painted and get a feel for the location, photograph and sketch. I will work from photographs that you already have if it is a very specific moment to capture.


Imagine having a painting in your home or sacred space that is an expression of your deepest self, your dreams and your spirit. This work can act as a visual reminder of your own mystery and magic. When working with adults my work can range from the mystical to the very sensual. A sensual painting of your self can be a powerful gift for your partner, wife or husband. I also work with couples in creating works that express their love and passion.

More and more I am working on a healing level to create spiritual and visionary portraits through an intuitive process that flows with channeled imagery.

If you have ever wanted to have wings or be a mermaid I can transform you into a fantasy or mystical being in a painting. Let your imagination run wild and we will capture it in a painting.


Working intimately with clients on this deeply emotional and spiritual level is what I consider my greatest work as an artist and healer. It is my honor to offer this very personal way of honoring love. Here I work with you to create a painting of your loved one who has passed away. We will spend time discussing the life your love one lived and how best to express who they were and the many levels of their human spirit. You may have a very clear idea of what you want your painting to be or you may want some direction. I trust that if a Memorial Painting is speaking to your heart, as something you want in your life, we will be guided together to create exactly what you need.

I believe we can choose to live in the magic. This does not mean life is not full of pain and loss and struggle…it is all of those things but these experiences define the edges of the light, the edges of love and faith. You cannot know the extent of your capacity to love until you know the depth at which you can ache. The ever-expanding edges of the human heart are what I seek to explore in my art.


The beauty of a commission is that it is a one of a kind creation and experience. This means most of the details will be unique to each painting project. Generally I work from photographs that you choose for portrait work. You may already have exactly the image you want me to work from. For Soul Portrait work if you are on Maui or visiting the island I do love to take your photograph myself. Please contact me to discuss this option. If you are not here on Maui we will communicate over the phone and through email to discuss your painting in detail.

Once I have all of the information, photographs and materials I need to begin painting I will send you a general sketch to make sure you approve the composition. Once I have your approval to begin the painting it will take 3 to 4 months to create your commission.
I require a deposit of 50% for all commission work. Commissioned original paintings start at $3,500.

Please email me and I will send a detailed price list.

I look forward to working with you!